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The Wolf production team is busy working on this feature-length animated film, but we can't do it alone!

From time to time various positions will be posted. If you feel that you are capable of filling one of these roles, all serious applicants can reach us at

Every member who joins the production team must sign a contract.  This is for our protection and for potential legal purposes. Those under 18 may apply for positions, but must have a parent/guardian sign the contract along with them.

Every bit of time our staff donates to this project is truly appreciated. When you join us, you become part of our pack. We are more than co-workers, we are a team, a creative family. We hope to hear from you!

Note: all applicants should be prepared to sign and adhere to a NDA/contract. Click here to view.



Skills You Need:

  • The ability to follow a character design

  • A solid understanding of human and canine anatomy

What is character animation? Character animation involves the illusion of thought and emotion in an animated object (note that character animation does NOT have to be of a human or animal -- it's possible to do effective character animation of objects as well). The most effective character animation can tell you what a character is "thinking" without dialogue or captioning. Walk cycles, blinks, and other purely action-based animation is not character animation.

Preferred Equipment:

  • Reliable digital art software of your choice

  • An art tablet, iPad, or other way of animating by digital means.

How to Apply:

Send an animation sample to the application address. The sample should be character animation (more than a run cycle/blink). Demo reels also accepted.

Effects Animation

Skills You Need:

  • The ability to animate and follow a character design

  • Incredible patience and a touch of OCD behavior

Effects animators have the unenviable job of animating such intricate items as water, snowflakes, wind-blown leaves, lightning, and the special glow-y effects for Luna

Animators applying for this job should be prepared to give a lot of their time to the project. They will be required to provide both rough and finalized animation where necessary.

Preferred Equipment:

  • Reliable software of your choice

  • A way to export your work to .PSD format (Photoshop)


How to Apply:

Send at least two effects animation samples to the application address. The samples should be from the following categories:

  • Running water (river, creek, small rapids -- the water-droplet exercise does not count!)

  • Fire

  • Rain (must be hitting the ground, not just going past the camera).

  • Falling snow/snow being moved by someone's feet

Backgrounds / Layouts


You should be able to paint or draw realistic scenery. Background artists must be able to paint to a style, for consistency. We are in need of people with experience in drawing structures.

The types of environments in the film will be: Forests, mountains, trees, town, houses and fields.


Skills You Need:

  • The ability to digitally paint realistic backgrounds

  • The ability to match your painting style to ours

Preferred Equipment:

  • Reliable digital art software of your choice

  • An art tablet, iPad, or other way of drawing by digital means.

How to Apply:

Send examples of your artwork to the application address. Background applicants should send completed colored pieces, preferably of rural settings. Layout artists may send pencil renderings, or digital sketches in black and white.

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