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How can I help?
You can find what positions are currently available under the Get Involved section.

If you have specific talent that you feel might be useful, but it isn't listed on the website, feel free to send an inquiry email. Asking "What can I do?" will get you sent back to the Get Involved page -- you know yourself and your talents better than we do!

Questions regarding if you can help NEED to be directed to Or you can ask one of the staff members in our Discord server.

Where can I learn more about the Characters/Story?
The website is the best place to find information. Other questions may be answered in the discord, but there is also a lot that we can't give out at this time. We cannot give you story or plot points or in-depth character descriptions -- we'd like to keep a little mystery for when the movie is released!

Your characters look like Disney/Balto.
That isn't really a question, but we get it a lot. Unless you have specific examples of how we could make our style more unique, please refrain from telling us this. We are quite aware of the opinion.

What will the rating of Wolf be?
The film will remain unrated*.

How much violence/language will there be?

There will be some mild language and realistic violence, including a wolf hunt. Wolves were treated very badly at that time period, and that is one point we are attempting to convey. There will be blood shown, but not gore.

Will there be singing?
No, this is not a musical. Any music will be score.

How long will making the movie take? When will Wolf be released?
Unfortunately, there's no good answer to this except to say that it will be done when it's done. Normally, a movie can take between 3-5 years to make. It will take us much longer due to the volunteer nature of the project.

How can I see Wolf when it's done? Will Wolf come to a Theater near me?
DVD will be the most likely distribution route. You will be able to order it from our website. While we have hopes of getting a theater release, this is difficult to obtain. For now, count on DVD.

Do you get paid to work on Wolf?
No. Anyone who has agreed to work on Wolf does not get paid. They volunteer their time and efforts and most often have many other commitments along with Wolf.

*If you're wondering why we won't have a rating it's because film ratings are actually trademarked by the MPAA, and you must have them rate the film to be able to use them. The rating process is expensive, and sometimes hard to get into if you're an independant filmmaker.

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